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Pre-Made Covers

Welcome to the pre-made gallery! Pre-made designs are intended for authors who want to see what they're getting before they purchase. Each cover is available only once, meaning once it's been purchased, it will not be sold to another author. This ensures every author, even though they're getting something "pre-made", will still have a unique cover ready to compete in the market.

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How it works

1. Pick a cover from one of the genres BELOW.

2. Add covers to your cart.

3. Purchase covers and fill out provided form for Author Name, Book Title, Email, and more. 

4. Receive completed book cover to email within

5 - 7  business days. 

What you get

1. Ebook  Cover

2. 3d image

3. Additional $30 - $50 for Print Version

4. No Refunds


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